Choosing the Right Kitchen Faucets for Your Home

Every family needs a comfortable and well designed kitchen – with the kitchen sink being an important part of both its functionality and aesthetics. A lot of people feel that the kitchen faucets and the sink itself do not need to be stylish, but the fact is, you can combine both style and function by using some good faucets. So how do you choose your faucets? Here’s how;

Pair It With The Sink

There are a lot of modern kitchen faucets to choose from, but it is best to choose one which matches well with your sink. Kitchen sinks come in a lot of varieties. There are stainless steel ones, enamel coated ones, composite metals and solid surfaces as well. Stainless steel faucets usually pair up well with almost all kinds of sink. They are also long lasting and durable. Lower gauge stainless steel usually makes for better faucets.

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Pair It With Accessories

Your kitchen faucets should also match with the accessories you use. For instance, if you use a moen soap dispenser, use a moen faucet which matches with your sink. Similarly, commercial kitchen faucets should be paired with commercial sinks and accessories. Commercial faucets are usually very tough and are designed to withstand long and tough use.

Pick Faucets That Function The Way You Want

There are a lot of faucets in the market, so whether you are looking for expensive or cheap kitchen faucets, make sure that they function the way you want. Style is usually very personal, fortunately the number of faucets available today afford you a lot many choices. From functions to finishes, there are lots to choose from. You can choose one with solid brass materials and a ceramic disk valve. Such faucets can be paired with variety of sinks and are highly functional as well as sturdy. Some of the other kinds of faucets include spray arms designed specifically for filling pots, spouts for rinsing the sink or dispensing drinking water, hot water dispensers and many more.

Which Faucets To Avoid?

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While solid materials are excellent and very sturdy, solid finishes are usually a complete no-no. Brass finishes, for instance, work well only in low use areas. However, if you have a kitchen that is used too much, brass finish will soon wear off and your kitchen faucets will begin to corrode and rust. Bronze finish, though very popular, is also not a good idea. Solid materials such as chrome and pewter usually work well. If you really want polished faucets, you can also use brushed or polished nickel faucets.

Which Faucets To Use?

Kitchen faucets can be divided into classic and modern, based on their looks. Depending on the decor of your kitchen, you can choose from the two styles. However, make sure that the faucets you choose are durable – especially if they are too expensive because it could be very costly to replace them every time they break down. It is best to choose from among a single handle faucet or a single handle faucet with a deck plate. They are both convenient and durable.